Brexit – the last mile citizens’ lobby on November 5th

UNISON members will send a metaphorical rocket – a Brexit firecracker – into the minds of Westminster MPs on 5 November.

Members will be taking part in what’s been dubbed the ‘last mile’ citizens’ lobby, a third and final effort to speak up for the rights of EU citizens in the aftermath of the UK’s departure from Europe.

We are asking colleagues to circulate the news story and event page widely and encourage members to participate by writing and meeting their MPs on the day. An e-lobby application is available for people who cannot make the journey or take the day off.

For more information please contact Katia at

You might be interested to know that UNISON has launched a new web page on EU Citizens’ Rights, which provides organising information for UNISON’s EU members. To coincide with the launch, UNISON has also provided new guidance for branches and information for EU members on the government’s Settled Status proposals for EU citizens.