Guarding against stress Toolkit

Stress and the management of mental health in the workplace is becoming one of the biggest health concerns.

According to UNISON’s 2017 survey on stress, demands on time were the biggest cause of workplace stress. Employers need to understand that university workers have been under pressure for too long and the pressure is turning to stress. However, with over 60% of employers failing to raise the issue of stress in the workplace it is clearly not being tackled.

UNISON safety reps are trained and equipped to raise issues with employers in the workplace. A Toolkit to support UNISON  activists in guarding against stress has been produced to support your work. The toolkit includes information on how to work with employers to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations and advice on how to help workers to be open about stress-related issues.

The current fashionable ‘resilience agenda’ is not the answer to stress: instead we need good systems and strong leadership from employers dedicated to improving the working lives of their employees.

To access an online copy of the guide click on this link: UNISON Guarding Against Stress Toolkit