Race Discrimination

Your race can include your skin colour, nationality, ethnicity and country of origin.

Swansea University, along with other employers must not unlawfully discriminate on the grounds of race. There are many ways in which employers could unlawfully discriminate. These can include:

  • harassment;
  • bullying;
  • indirect discrimination;
  • victimisation;
  • direct discrimination.


If your employer fails to stop any of these things occurring, they may be discriminating. It doesn’t matter if the discrimination is deliberate or purposeful, or whether the person committing the act of discrimination thinks it is “harmless fun”. The law exists to prevent discrimination and punish those who discriminate.

You also have the right to work with no fear of discrimination. If your employer allows racial discrimination in the workplace, they are breaking the law.

You also have the right not to be victimised for taking action against racial discrimination. You cannot, for example, be called to a disciplinary meeting for complaining that you have been discriminated against at work.

Remember, discrimination need not be a deliberate act and people may not know they are discriminating. If you have issues regarding your racial equality rights, contact us.


If you are being discriminated against, you should contact your line manager. If you do not feel that the issue has been successfully resolved, you should contact your UNISON rep, who will advise you of the next course of action.

Remember, strict time limits apply when claiming discrimination at work (usually three months less one day) so make sure you contact your rep immediately.


Want more info. Login here on the UNISON website for detailed guidance on racial discrimination.